HiPPiE WiTCH #547 : Fiber Magick & Cottagecore with Opal Luna

When life starts feeling like it's moving too quickly, the temptation is to try to keep up, which is a very bad idea, especially when it's moving at the speed of the internet.

The antidote to today's overwhelming pace is to slow down. Slow is the new fast and the path to peace. The slower the better. 

And one way to do that is to get crafty with our hands.   

Crafting with our hands is timeless magick.

Weaving, braiding, crocheting our intentions into garments & blankets, spinning used grocery bags into weather proof yarn or simply tying a bow onto a gift for a friend can transform an ordinary moment into something special.

We can infuse our lives with magick one stitch at a time.

★ Fiber Magick & Cottagecore with Opal Luna...