THE JO DEVOE SHOW #21 : How To Use Human Design to Manifest More Ease + Moneyfesting with Kelsey Abbott

Human Design has been growing in popularity in recent years, and I don't think it's going to be losing trajectory anytime soon. 

It's super woo, but also—for those of us who've had our charts interpreted by a prothere is something spooky accurate and self-validating about it. 

Human Design is a self-discovery system based on the time and place of your birth, combining astrology, Kabbalah, the i-Ching and the Vedic understanding of the chakras. 

It's meant to help you identify your unique energy type and better strategies for living. 

Will it help you manifest greater ease and abundance? 

Some folks believe it will, and Kelsey Abbott is not only one of them; she's made it her business to demonstrate to you that it can.

★ How To Use Human Design to Manifest More Ease + Moneyfesting with Kelsey Abbott...

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