A Very Witchy Vlogmas : Days 18 - 25 + KiCKASS WiTCH 2015 In Review And A Mega Awesome List Of Links For You!!! -xo

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In the back of my 2015 day planner, there was a piece written by Anne Ortelee that stuck with me all year long, and it went a lil' something like this...

"2015 is an '8 year', a year of manifestation and complete progress in the world. It is a year of mastery, when we look back on our lives and understand the training and accomplishments that have led us here and now. We use this year to culminate the past 8 years and set forward the vision for the next nine years. It is considered a harvesting year." 

The Year Of Mastery was indeed a year of mastery, but not in the way I'd hoped.

It really took me to task in terms of my entire physical reality, including everything from my financial life to the state of my health & home.

By the last couple of months- I was no longer dreaming & scheming (as I'm so prone to do); I was hanging on for dear life! 

This year forced me to stay present to what is and to respond (as mindfully as possible) to one obstacle after the next.

It definitely sharpened my resolve, strengthened my character & created mastery in terms of my ability to respond to whatever The Universe decides to throw my way.

It brought me to a place of spiritual maturity, which I will be talking more about in January.

ResponseAbility = The Ability To Respond

So there. That's what I mastered in 2015. That's what I learned on the deepest, most personal level...

I am able to respond.

I am willing to respond.

And- come to find out- I am HAPPY to respond to life each day, fully present to whatever comes my way with a spirit of adventure & a willingness to grow.

And that, my magickal friends, has made me feel more kickass than ever!

2015 was an interesting year professionally too- mainly because that part of my life was all kinds of good times...

The Facebook challenges that I did on theme were an amazing way to connect with my tribe & I KNOW for a fact that many awesome friendships were formed that way. So yay!

Witchy Vlogmas was a total blast, which prompted me to include more vlogs in my 2016 plans, and I got a HUGE kick out of playing around with food on Instagram. So there will definitely be more of that!

I only interview people who thrill & inspire me, so I was honored by every single interview that I did this year. Still- a few stand out in my mind as being extra epic and those would include Laurie Cabot, Jeremy Crow, and Kim Huggens.

And here's a list of what you all seemed to get the biggest kick out of...

The Top 7 Posts On KiCKASS WiTCH in 2015 :

The Magick Of Scripting + Surrender To What Is & Then Make The Most Of It

Alpha Witch : Trance States For Magickal Living + The Double-Edged Sword Of Imagination & A Quick Tip For Psychic Protection

POWER TOOL #1 : Creating Thought Forms That Spring To Life

5 Kickass Tips For Rocking Your Date Book Witchy Style, Featuring The 2015 Desire Map Day Planner...

The 100 Things Challenge : Liberate Yourself From Clutter In 5 Days

WiTCH CRAFT : The Place Where Magick With A K Meets The Law Of Attraction + Some Kickass Resources For Blending The Two

Understanding The Fool's Journey + An Illustrated Guide To The Three Levels Of Consciousness Presented In The Major Arcana

One thing I am consistently amazed by & super grateful for is the privilege of being here NOW...

We are crazy-blessed to be able to do & see & be so many things- things that were damn near impossible for our ancestors.

That is largely due to the magick that is the world wide web, and so- in honor of this most excellent bit of fortune- I give you this mega awesome list of links to celebrate 2015 online...

11 Songs That Brought The Awesome in 2015 :

Kate Nyx - Blood & Bone

De Staat - Witch Doctor

Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better

Slaves - Cheer Up London

Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimpin' 

Shakey Graves - Nobody's Fool

Vintage Trouble - Run Like The River

The Frights - You Are Going To Hate This

Aurora - Running With The Wolves 

Molly Nilsson - 1995

Lebanon Hanover - Hollow Sky

7 Bits Of Fluff To Brighten Your Day :

Charlotte Rampling's 1976 Fitness & Beauty Guide

These old Victorian homes look like absolute magick to me!

The Gossamer Pleasures of Faerie Magazine

Eat Your Way To Perfect Skin & Hair

Alexa Chung : The Future Of Fashion (Vogue UK documentary) 

This super sweet single dad leads classes to teach men how to do their daughter's hair!

Cher, at 69, becomes the face of Marc Jacobs' Fall campaign & a LOVE mag cover girl. 

2 Must See Series On Netflix :

Master Of None

Sensitive Skin

1 Must Read Newsletter :


3 Lifestyle Sites To Bookmark :


The Numinous

Over The Moon

2 Witch Blogs To Bookmark :

Sarah Anne Lawless

The Hoodwitch

14 Instagram Accounts Purely For The Pretty :

Deer Dollheart

Caroline de Maigret 

Berty Mandagie

Elena SkinnyBags

Vickie Liu

Gala Darling

Looks Like Film

Holistic Gypsy

Broomsticks And Lace

Linda Rodin

Sacra Luna

Daughter Of The Sun

Lou Von Bright

The Green Woods Laugh 

5 Supremely Kickass Witches on Youtube :

Kelly-Ann Maddox

Molly Roberts

Aepril Schaile

The Witchy Mommy


3 Personal Development - Woo Woo Practitioners on Youtube :

Angelica King

Melanie Tonia Evans

JP Sears

7 Makeup Artists, Beauty Addicts & Shopaholics on Youtube :

Aly Art

Claire Marshall


Kandee Johnson

Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Lisa Duncan

Helen Anderson

1 Adorable Couple That Vlogs Together...

Anna Lee & Jesse

THANK YOU so much for being a part of KiCKASS WiTCH in 2015...

YOU are the #1 reason for doing what I do & I hope that 2016 is your most magickal year to date!