"God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there's no turning back."  -Gloria Steinem


EVERY WITCH WAY is an interview series that brings you face to face with people who are practicing their own special brand of magick, be it reiki, yoga, raw food, crystal healing or just good old fashioned positive thinking, to consciously create the kickass life of their dreams...

May we each find our own magickal path! 

Good Vibes & Online Magick with author Tess Whitehurst (Magical Housekeeping)

Speaking From The Heart with pagan podcaster Chris Orapello

Rising From The Ashes Of The Past with author Lenora Henson

Kelly-Ann Maddox (Tarot, The Shadow & Online Biz)

Shonna Hill (Galaxy Tone tarot apps + Ace Of Stars Tarot)

Erick Silvermoon (Tribal Magic Oracle Cards) on Men & The Goddess

Aepril Schaile of Aepril's Astrology

Jeremy Crow on The Left Hand Path and The New Luciferian Age

Lenora Henson on Wild Freedom (author of The Wicked Garden series)

Suzanne Palmieri (author, The Witch Of Little Italy, The Witch Of Belladonne Bay)

Samuel Varg (Magic Edutainer)

Lenora Henson (author, The Wicked Garden Series, Aurora's Wake)

David Hayward, The Naked Pastor (author of The Liberation Of Sophia)

Vanessa Valencia (A Fanciful Twist)

Ellen Dugan (author, Prosperity Magick, Natural Witchery, The Witches Tarot)

Holly Worton (Socially Holistic)

Kim Krans (The Wild Unknown tarot, The Family Band)

Sean Croxton (Underground Wellness)

Sheri Breault Kreitner (Lunar Wisdom) 

Lenora Henson (author, The Wicked Garden)

Brittney Castro (Financially Wise Women)

Pixie Campbell (Soulodge)

Sonja Francis (Astrologer Coach)

Charly Cheer (Teaching English In Mexico & Japan)

Flora Peterson aka CharmingPixieFlora (The Yay Factor)

Dawn Larzelier aka Ms Bliss Coach (Laughter Yoga)

Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn)

Stephanie S. (Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy)

Catherine aka SweetCatMagick (The Cat House)

Ev'Yan Whitney (Sex Love Liberation)

Syndee Stein (Deeper Ground)

Mimi Kirk (Live Raw)

Nubia I. Sutton (Black Berry Beauty)

Goddess Star Monroe (Women's Empowerment)

Bethany Frankiewicz aka The Soulful Vegan (Kundalini Reiki)

Erika Lyremark (The Daily Whip)